The Homewood Middle School PTO offers an invaluable link between students, school staff, teachers and families.  Without you and your support, it would not be possible for the PTO to continue to sponsor events and provide much needed contributions to our school. 


Why join the Homewood Middle School PTO?

Participation through volunteering allows you to be "hands on" with your child's education.  All research indicates that when families are involved, a child is more apt to receive higher grades, more likely to graduate and more driven to pursue college.  Our children love to see us in this environment where they spend seven hours a day, and, in turn, you get to know your children's teachers and your children's friends.  Involvement in PTO and participation through attendance at PTO meetings ensures your voice is heard; it helps to decide what we do as a group and where the money should go.  If you are new to HMS PTO, any Board Member or existing school family would love to answer any questions you might have and ease your transition into becoming a part.  If you are new to our community, welcome!  We'd love to reach out to you and we're here to help!


What are the benefits of membership?

The benefits of membership are very rewarding.  You have the knowledge that, with your participation and involvement, the educational and social experiences of all HMS students have been greatly enhanced.   An additional benefit of membership is that the PTO distributes information on a regular basis, through the newsletter, emails and this website, so that members can be informed of school issues and activities in a timely manner.  PTO members also receive access to the online directory.


How involved do I have to be?

We understand that people have very busy schedules and that time is precious, so we appreciate any time you can spare!  Volunteers are always needed to help with school events or to even chair committees, but if time is prohibitive, we just appreciate your membership.  We only ask that you join, receive email updates and stay informed through our PTO website.  A list of volunteer opportunities can be found here.


How are your dues and contributions helping Homewood Middle School?

With your financial support and membership, the PTO was able to provide the following during the 2016-2017 school year, totaling $43,000:


PE 6-8/Athletics; Assemblies; Registration & Events/Deluxe Sideline Chairs & Chair Caddie/Robbie Gibbons
Special Ed; Math & Language Arts 6-7/Jumpstart Summer Camp/Andrea McCormack and Sally Bryan
Math and Science 6/Individual white boards & Expo Marker Sets/Taylor Alling
Library 6-8/Books/Amy Jackson
All 6th Grade Teachers/Mounted manual pencil sharpeners/Baird, Bates, Alling, Smith, Tanner, Gossett, Sterley, Meacham, Jones, Marshall and Hacker
Office Staff 6-8/6’ long custom table covers for School events, assemblies, ceremonies and receptions/Kristi Dennis & Debbie Chancellor
Language Arts 7-8/Class Novel – The Number Devil by H. Holt/Mary Paris
Language Arts 6-8/Class Novel, The Man Who Counted – A Collection of Mathematical Adventures by: Malba Tahan/Mary Paris
Social Studies 7/Content-Area Literacy Instructional Materials/Austin Bonds and Cristy York
Social Studies 7/Easy Debates for the World Geography Classroom/Austin Bonds and Cristy York
Social Studies 7/People v Clevenger: Issues of Computer Crimes, Vandalism and Search and Seizure/Austin Bonds and Cristy York
English and Language Arts 6/Summer Reading Reward/Baird, Marshall, Meacham, Tanner, Thrash and Smith
All 6-8/All Subject Areas/Heritage Panel Summer Training/Jones, Meacham and Liz Pipkin
Science 6-8/Implementation and Initial Buy-in for AMSTI/Drummond, Klotz, Edwards, Knudsen, Jemison, Baird, Sterley, Binkley and Gossett
Science 6/Science World Magazine/Sterley, Baird, Binkley and Gossett
Math 6/Scholastic Math/Bates, Alling and Jones
History 6/Trekking Through History Traveling Backpacks/Baird, Sterley, Binkley and Gossett
6th Grade Math Team 6/6th Grade Math Team Camp/Amy Hacker
Language Arts 6-8/Subscription of Scholastic Scope Magazine/Tanner, Marshall, Thrash, Smith, Ezekiel, Love-Jones and Powell



Remember that the PTO helps our kids and improves our school.  With your continued support, the PTO can provide Homewood Middle School students with wonderful programs this year and every year. 

We can't do it without you. Join the PTO today!