The Homewood Middle School PTO offers an invaluable link between students, staff, teachers and families.  Without you and your support, it would not be possible for the PTO to continue to sponsor

events and provide much needed contributions to our school. 


Why become Friends of HMS PTO?

It takes a village.  Your support is vital to help ensure that our students, teachers and staff are well-equipped for a successful year, and that they have a little fun along the way!  Both your funds and your time are critical to the achievement of this.  


Participation through volunteering allows you to be "hands on" with your child's education.  Believe it or not, our children love to see us in the environment where they spend seven hours a day and there aren't many opportunities to do so apart from PTO!  As a bonus, you get to know your children's teachers and your children's friends!  Involvement in PTO and participation through attendance at PTO meetings ensures your voice is heard; it helps to decide what we do as a group and where the money should go. 


Your participation in fundraising events is also crucial in determining the depth of how we can support our students, staff and HMS community.  The largest and most important way we implement this is through awarding Academic Enhancement grants that have been requested by our teachers and staff.  These are well-researched and planned educational items or services that are put straight back into the classroom, and our children benefit greatly.


If you are new to HMS PTO, any Board Member or existing school family would love to answer any questions you might have and ease your transition into becoming a part.  If you are new to our community, welcome!  We'd love to reach out to you and we're here to help!


What are the benefits of becoming Friends of HMS PTO?

The benefits are very rewarding!  You have the knowledge that, with your participation and involvement, the educational and social experiences of all HMS students and staff have been greatly enhanced.   In addition, by registering your contact information through our secure, online website, you will receive all PTO-distributed communications throughout the year, ensuring you stay informed and up-to-date on school happenings!  These include monthly newsletters, pertinent emails and urgent reminders from teachers and staff.  Friends of HMS PTO also receive access to our members-only online directory.


How involved do I have to be?

We understand that people have very busy schedules and that time is precious, so we appreciate any time you can spare!  Volunteers are always needed to help with school events or to even chair committees, but if time is prohibitive, we just appreciate your membership through Friends of HMS PTO.  We only ask that you join, receive email updates and stay informed through our PTO website.  A list of volunteer opportunities can be found here.


How are your dues and contributions helping Homewood Middle School?

Your $15 contribution/dues to Friends of HMS PTO includes membership in our PTO, and the funds will be used predominantly to provide support through our Academic Enhancement grants.  In years past, we have been able to fulfill the needs of all of our teachers, and we hope to be able to do that this year! 


A contribution to the General PTO Fund is an above and beyond donation that will help to further ensure that we are able to meet all Academic Enhancement grant requests, or any other unexpected school needs that might arise throughout the year.  


A donation to our Hardship Fund helps to ensure that we are able to support those in our HMS family that may need a little extra help due to unexpected circumstances.


With your financial support and membership, the PTO was able to provide the following during the

2017-18 school year, totaling $26,830:


6th Grade History: Immigration Simulation Supplies, Virtual Field Trips, WWII Footlocker
6th Grade Math: Summer Math Team Camp, Scholastic Math Magazine, Mountain Math Online, Magnetic Dry-Erase Boards, Calculators, Q-Ball
6th Grade Language Arts: Novel Class Sets, Instructional Books, WordlyWise Workbooks
6th Grade Science: Desktop Calculators
6th Grade Enrichment: Ozobot Evo Pocket-Sized Robots

6th Grade All:  Staff Camera

7th Grade Math:  Scholastic Math Magazine
7th Grade Social Studies: Junior Scholastic Magazines
7th Grade Language Arts: Novel Class Sets, Literature Groups

7th Grade Science:  Redcat
7th, 8th Grade Science: Balance of Microscopes, Funds Toward Safety Goggles and Sterilization Cabinets

8th Grade Social Studies:  Greek Fest Expenses
All Grades Reading: Desk Cycles
All Grades Language Arts: Scholastic Scope Subscriptions, Step into Writing Resources

All Grades Math Team:  Math Tournament Fees

All Grades PE:  Dry-Erase Boards, Stability Balls
All Grades: Heritage Panel Training, Library Books, Patriot Pride Awards


Remember that the PTO helps our kids and improves our school.  With your continued support, the PTO can provide Homewood Middle School students and staff with many tools for success!  We greatly appreciate it, and we can't do it without you! Become Friends of HMS PTO today!


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