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On August 4, you received the updated TEAM Homewood plan for the 2020-21 school year:


 HCS Reopening TEAM Homewood Plan 


Please click here for more information regarding virtual school.


Please click here for the secondary alternating student schedule and information.


Dr. Henneke has provided a document to explain how this plan will be implemented specifically at Homewood Middle School:


 HMS Reopening Plan 



Please continue to refer to the TEAM Homewood Plan for district-level information.


2019-20 Academic Enhancement Grants



Thanks to your financial support and membership, the PTO was able to provide the following enhancement grants totaling more than $26,000:


6th Grade
Social Studies Virtual Field Trips
Social Studies Map Sets
Language Arts Novel Sets
Language Arts Scholastic Magazines
Math Scholastic Magazines
Math Geometric Net Models
Reading Intervention LCD Writing Board Doodle Boards
Summer Reading Awards

 7th Grade 
Math/ Logic Puzzles
Water Bottle Refill Station

 8th Grade
Math Dry Erase XY Axis Boards
Greek Fest
Science Ice Cream Lab
Science Go! Motion Teacher Pack

 All Grades
Special Education Reading Over the Head Stereo Headphones
Laminating Film, Butcher Paper, and Kraft Paper Cutter for Library
Special Education n2y Unique Learning System
FACS Food Replica Products
Patriot Pride Positive Reinforcement Awards
Outstanding Character Awards
Library Partitions
Math Team Coach Stipend
Copier Staples
Classroom Stools for the Art Room
Heritage Panel Training
TSA Fees, Supplies and Bus Transport



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